Metrology Laboratory

Mass Laboratory



massMeasurements of mass is one the mechanical quantities that are among the most commonly made in everyday life and are of utmost importance in industry. All of these measurements are derived from the SI unit of mass, the kilogram.

MSL’s activity in this area underpins the work of a wide range of industries, from providing traceability for very small weights used in the pharmaceutical industry to calibration of high range weighing bridges up to over 500 kg.

The Mass Measurement Lab at MSL is equipped with state of the art Mettler Mass comparators and E2 Class reference Masses ranging from 1 mg to 30 kg, F1 Class Masses from 1 mg to 100 kg.

Calibration services for :

  • Precision weights
  • Ordinary weights


  • Electronic balances
  •  Industrial / Mechanical balances