Metrology Laboratory

Force & Torque Laboratory


Force & Torque are also one of the most important Metrological parameters widely used in the industry. Force & Torque Laboratory at MSL is well equipped to with reference standards such as high precision GTM load cells for verification / calibration of Universal Tensile Testing Machines & Compressional testing machines along with our capability to calibrate load cells. We offer calibration services both onsite and in our lab. Whereas we have an efficient and robust system for calibration of torque wrenches and other torque related equipment. Our Digital calibrators for Torque cover a wide range of torque measurements from 1 N.m to 2000 N.m. Our services in Force and Torque are reliable and traceable to international standards.

Calibration services for:

  • Compression machine (accuracy)
  • Flexural testing machines
  • Electro-pneumatic machines
  • Point load testing machines
  • CBR machines


  • U.T.M
  • Pull off testers
  • Compression machines (stability)
  • Proving rings