MSL performs its activities in highly professional, impartial and in accordance with the highest ethical business standards and integrity.

The standards have been adopted and formalized in the MSL Code of Compliance – Doc. No. MSL/COC Issue#02, Rev. #02. The compliance principles and implementation stipulated in the Code of Compliance are fundamental to all business activities carried out by MSL.

Modern Surveying Calibration & Testing Labs is committed to:

  1. 1. Integrity. MSL is operating in a Professional, Independent and Impartial manner in all its business activities.
  2. 2. Avoiding Conflicts of Interests.
  3. 3. Treats all information in Strict Confidentiality and Respect & Protect the Privacy of all its Clients’ Information.
  4. 4. Explicitly prohibits any form of Bribery.
  5. 5. Ensures Fair Business Conduct.
  6. 6. Health & Safety. Having adequate training and procedures to protect the Health & Safety of its employees.
  7. 7. Fair Labour. Ensuring full awareness of its Social Responsibility for its Employees, People, Community and the Environment which MSL operates and respect human rights.

If any employee of MSL or any other interested party, has reason to believe that any of these Principles has been breached, they are required to report the circumstances to the Compliance Officer.

Such reports will be subject to thorough investigation by the MSL’s Compliance Committee.

Reports and/or for any other concerns, complaints or feedbacks, you may contact:

Compliance Phone # :     009647517596829
Email                           :


All reports shall be dealt with confidentiality and anonymity