Company Profile

Modern Surveying Calibration and Testing Labs. established in 2013 delivers various standards, products, and services to address various instrument calibration and analytical laboratories that are reliable, accurate and traceable. It relies on its experienced personnel with the highest level of scientific backgrounds and methodologies.

It will always continue the tradition of partnership with its customers for developing the most useful, advanced and accurate products possible as we employ the industry’s best practices and maintain ISO certifications that ensure quality control and technical precision for all calibration services it performs.

Its goal is to fulfill our customers’ requirement with satisfaction by providing them the highest level of integrity of services and delivery of commitment on a timely manner.


To be the best in the region and recognized internationally.


We provide services that are reliable & traceable relying on our highly experienced personnel and state of the art technologies to satisfy customer requirements support the national economy and safeguard the rights, health, environment and safety of the community.


Modern Surveying Calibration and Testing Labs.  personnel are composed of capable and specialized professionals. Our Engineers have earned their degrees, extensively trained and have vast experience. They have developed innovative methods for correlating measurement results between different metrology instruments, and established measurement techniques in different Standards.

The company focuses on the continuous development of our personnel to ensure competence on the latest trends in calibration and equipment technology, and to provide the necessary tools for the calibrations to be performed accurately and efficiently.